A Father’s Job
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A Father’s Job
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A Father’s Job
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Directed by Frank Christian Wagner

Narrative Short
Germany | 20 min | 2021
In 1940’s Germany, Johann’s role in the war separates him from his Jewish wife and child. When her letters stop arriving he fears a previous flirtation has distracted her, and nothing will be the same again.

Director Statement

I’m not to blame for the crimes the generation of my grandparents caused, but it is my duty to do absolutely everything so that this can never happen again. The fictional character “Anna Friedrich” gives me the freedom to tell the story in a completely free way that hopefully helps to bring remembrance in film to a new level. People sadly start to get tired, but we should be more awake than ever before.

Film Information

Director: Frank Christian Wagner
Country: Germany
Year: 2021
Language: German
Runtime: 20 min.
Rated: PG-13


Writer: Frank Christian Wagner
Producer: Frank Christian Wagner
Director of Photography: Jens Schaffner
Editor: Carmen A. Schaffner
Composer: Robin Hoffmann

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Principal Cast

Dorothee Frauenlob
as Anna Friedrich

Christian Harting
as Johann Friedrich

Jessica Stautz
as Helga Friedrich (older)

Mara Hoebusch
as Helga Friedrich (younger)